It is 425 years after the victory of the gods and their followers over the titans. Scarn has continued to heal the wounds it took during the Titanswar. Much has changed on the face of the world, although the four centuries have been but a blink by the eye of the gods and imprisoned titans.

On the continent of Ghelspad, nations rise, fall, and undergo change. As the mighty kingdoms of the land strengthen, they strike out against each other. And, there are rumors of long-sleeping dangers that are now awakening.

The great wizard Gest Ganest proclaimed in 301 AV that the Age of Mortals was commencing. 125 years later very few live to remember the time when titans and gods walked the earth in battle. But the legacy of both sides of the conflict lives on, and followers of gods, titans, and the rule of mortals scheme and plot against one another.


Scarred Lands AV 425

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