Wheel of Alignment

Wheel of alignment


When your PC acts in ways that are not in accordance with your declared alignment, I’ll make a judgement as to whether or not you will be subject to an alignment shift save. I may make you take a save after a particularly problematic action, or at the end of a session where your PC generally is acting not-in-accordance with his or her declared alignment. I’ll increase the difficulty if its repeated actions over time.

Your alignment shift save modifier is always your WIS bonus – INT bonus. The more wise you are, the more you are able to keep your alignment despite temporary variations. On the contrast, the more intelligent you are the more subject you are to changing your philosophy to reconcile your actions. A pretty stupid half-orc fighter with average wisdom resists alignment shifts because he pretty much sticks to the same outlook on life despite any variations. A very intelligent but unwise rogue is prone to lots of alignment shifts if she strays from her core alignment as she changes her philosophy to justify (retrospectively) her actions.

When you create your character put your “dot” wherever on the wheel suits you. A dot exactly on any line is strongly neutral. True neutral is in the center of the wheel.

Alignment example 1

Alignment example 2

Alignemtn example 3

Wheel of Alignment

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