Scarred Lands AV 425

Adventure Log
adventure log
425 AV, the 20th day in the month of Madrer, the harvest month.

Representative wizards from Gest Ganest, Hollowfaust, and Lokil gathered together in Burok Torn, at the request of King Turen, of Burok Torn, and Archmage Kolwin — leader and founder of the Council of High Wizards of Ghelspad. The group included proven journeymen wizards from the three scholarly nation-states and their personal guards.

The task set upon them by King Turen was to recover lost knowledge, sealed deep within an old dwarven tomb in the Northern Kelder Mountain range — a rough and majestic land. Further, there was reason to believe that the Forsaken Dwarves of Mount Krakadom would also be hunting for these tombs, although perhaps with less zeal. King Turen hoped that the artifacts would be reclaimed for the glory of the noble dwarven kingdom, and not their corrupt dwarven cousins.

King Turen, as reward to the participating cities, promised to share all knowledge gained in the expedition and provide dwarven craftsmen to each of the city-states for one year. Further, he had outfitted and provided the expedition with an engineering marvel — a flying ship, named the Efreet, captained and crewed by specialist dwarven engineers.

The group set out under the auspices of Madriel’s month, with their first destination being Mullis Town, on the border of Vesh. There, they would meet an additional member of their group, a grizzled Veshian Vigilant that would serve as their guide.

The efreet


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